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We are glad to invite all our friends to participate to the Mediterranean contestFrom February 2016 to November 2016.


This event is an online painting contest based on our new release that starts the “Mediterraneo Series” http://www.aradiaminiatures.com/apps/webstore/products/show/6561502  which is a series dedicated to myths and legends coming from the mediterranean area.


How to participate? You have just to send us 3 photos (or more!) of your painted triton within November 2016, within the Monday after Monte San Savino Show - Italy.

Every modification at the figure will be accepted. The master painter Mirko Cavalloni “Mauganra” along with the Aradia staff will judge the entries. The winners will be announced in a couple of weeks after the end of the contest.

All the entries will be published on both our facebook page and on our site.

….and .... what about the prizes?

1st place: “Poseidon level”! The winner will get the possibility to discuss a release for Mediterraneo series with our concept artist Stefano Moroni (i.e. the winner will discuss the character, the pose etc. Furthermore Stefano will draw the figure under his/her instructions). In addition, he/she will get free all the the releases of Mediterraneo Series of the year 2017.

2nd place: “Mediterranean wave level”! The winner will get one release of Mediterraneo Series at his choice. In addition he/she will get a 30% discount for the releases of Mediterraneo Series of the year 2017.

3rd place: “Sea horse level”! The winner will get a discount of 15% for the releases of Mediterraneo series of the year 2017.

Minimum 10 participants.

The versatility of the triton give you endless possibilities to use your imagination and artistic skills to interpret this character.  So...are your brushes ready?!

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